Our festive steps to holiday wellness, armadahousebristol.com

The holiday season is an opportunity to celebrate, indulge, and spend time with loved ones. However, it is also a hectic time of year and there can be pressure to ensure every little detail is perfect. We all know perfection is impossible, so why not relax a little and focus on self-care instead? Read on to explore techniques to prioritise holiday wellness.

Stop chasing perfection

This is a time of year where its easy to compare your life to fiction; whether that be Christmas films or a social media influencer’s picture-perfect décor. The pressure to plan the perfect event, wrap gifts and decorate the tree perfectly, and cook the perfect Christmas dinner can be overwhelming. But it’s important to remember that this flawless image of the holidays is unrealistic and there’s always the chance that something might go wrong. Unexpected winter weather might slow down your guests’ arrival; awkwardly-shaped presents might look a little strange under the tree; and ingredients may be out of stock when you come to do your grocery shopping. But all these issues can be overcome if you’re not stuck on perfection and prepared to adapt.
Instead of fruitlessly chasing perfection, focus on creating contingency plans for any unexpected holiday disasters. In years to come, no one will remember the flaws – only the fun they had with you.

Set Boundaries

From spending time with relatives you’d rather avoid, to accepting another mulled wine, you may feel pressure at this time of year to say yes in the name of the festive spirit. But it is still okay to say no if you need to. Understanding and clearly communicating your boundaries can be crucial to ensuring everyone enjoys this time of year. Once you express your limits, your loved ones will know   how to enjoy this time with you without crossing your boundaries or pushing you to do something you don’t want to. Saying no to things you don’t want to do will also give you more time and energy to do the things you truly enjoy during the holidays.

Choose your company wisely

The holiday season is often associated with spending time with family. For some of us, that’s not always possible for an array of reasons. It’s important to remember that despite the way Christmas can be presented by society, you don’t have to spend it any one way. If you’d rather celebrate the holidays another way—with friends, with your pets, volunteering, or completely alone—that is your choice. Choose the company and the experiences that will make you happy, no matter what others might think. One thing we can all agree on is that this time of year should be enjoyed, so do your best to choose experiences and company that you’ll remember fondly down the line.

Set aside time for yourself

Even if you prefer to spend the holidays surrounded by people, it can be good practice to set aside time for yourself. Even just a few minutes’ alone can be worthwhile to give yourself the chance to catch your breath and prepare for the next round of social interaction.
If you feel pressured to participate in every single activity your social circle has planned, don’t be afraid to admit that you might need to sit this one out. You’d be surprised: maybe others feel the same but haven’t spoken up yet.
Try to set aside longer periods of time to keep up your hobbies as they can fall to the wayside during the business of the holiday season. Some quiet time with a book, your regular gym session, or focussing on your craft of choice are all excellent ways of taking time to yourself and focussing on your wellbeing.


It’s important to prioritise yourself even during the holiday season, when we are all so focussed on our loved ones. Hopefully these steps to holiday wellness will ensure that you enjoy this time of year to the fullest.