Top Corporate Event Trends for 2024,

The corporate events industry is constantly changing. As the corporate world has shifted towards hybrid and working from home, the rare occasions that people come together for an in-person event have become increasingly important. As a new year begins, now is the perfect time to evaluate upcoming corporate event trends.

Hybrid and Virtual Events

Despite in-person events remaining crucial, expect a continued emphasis on hybrid events going forward as the workplace dispersion sees coworkers, clients, and shareholders spread further than ever, meaning fully in-person events may not be possible for every attendee. In addition, hybrid and virtual events allows the opportunity to open your event up to a much larger audience than many venues can realistically host. Combining face-to-face interaction where possible with the larger reach and at times lower costs of virtual events, hybrid corporate events are an excellent compromise of the two. It will be important to select a venue that supports this style of event. Armada House has a range of meeting and venue spaces with AV, LED TVs or projector screens, and unlimited WiFi, to help ensure a hybrid event runs smoothly.

Sustainability and Supporting Local

Sustainability has become an important aspect for a lot of clients and many would say that it is no longer an optional component of events. Choosing a venue that emphasises sustainability, for example by using recycled or reusable décor, and using local suppliers, is a good way for many clients to achieve their goal of an environmentally sustainable event. At Armada House, we do our best to keep our carbon footprint low by supporting local, Bristol-based suppliers.

All-inclusive, Multifaceted Events

Going into 2024, inflation is still unfortunately on the rise and this will be reflected in budgeting and planning for events. In order to get the most out of corporate events, many clients will be scrutinizing their suppliers to ensure they get the most out of their event. This could mean a rise demand for flexible venues that can cater to a range of event components, from breakfast meetings, to breakout rooms and team-building spaces, to dinner, evening drinks or cocktail parties. Clients will also expect exceptional service from events managers. The Armada House team is dedicated to providing a first-class experience every time, and our venue has a range of spaces, including a roof terrace bar, two ground-floor venue spaces, and five meeting rooms, to cater to any type of corporate event.

Historic and Heritage Venues

There has been a renaissance in interest in historic venues. Though corporate events often require the very best modern facilities, expect to see a rise in demand for historic sites that can cater to corporate events. Clients will be looking for venues with rich histories that effortlessly combine the old and the new. As an Edwardian building with historic features dating back to the 1500s, Armada House has a fascinating past; and its recent renovation has ensured that we can cater to any 21st century requirements.

Jaw-dropping Spaces

Corporate events can often be associated with unexceptional and even soulless event spaces. However, in our experience at Armada House, clients are always looking for something different. There has been, and will continue to be, a shift away from boring board rooms and claustrophobic conference halls; event planners are looking for something with flair that will wow their guests from the moment they step through the entrance. A venue that can make guests feel at home while still offering VIP treatment with the service and atmosphere that it provides is essential.

Our event spaces at Armada House are designed with elegance, style, and the building’s historic sensibilities in mind. With a sleek, marble-floored lobby, guests will receive a warm and professional welcome and the stunning, Edwardian-themed elegant ambiance of the event spaces is sure to impress delegates. Meanwhile, our meeting spaces on the first floor have a more modern style, each with its own unique look and atmosphere; a far cry from the repetitive meeting spaces many other venues may offer.

As 2024 progresses, event planners are looking to make them most of their events with multifaceted venues that can offer comprehensive packages. They will be looking for sites that can not only offer the full range of corporate amenities, but that have a unique, often historic, background and atmosphere. Hybrid and virtual events will continue to be popular in the corporate events industry, so a venue that can offer these facilities is essential.

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